From traditional Acoma, Acoma horsehair, Navajo etched, Jemez and Souix, we offer a large selection of pottery for our customers to choose from. We also carry unique and authentic “story tellers” sure to please collectors , or those who want a charming accent for their home.

Kachina Dolls 

Kachinas are believed to be the spirits of animals, birds, objects, or hunters and warriors. They are carved from the root of the Cottonwood tree, and are used in ceremonies and the religious training of Native children. They are the most common among the Hopi and Zuni peoples. Navajo artisans also create Kachina dolls, but these are used purely for art forms.

Weavings & Blankets 

Silver Eagle is proud to offer hand woven Zapotec rugs, runners, mats, and pillows. The rugs are woven on a traditional horizontal loom and feature a wide spectrum of colors and designs. No two rugs are ever alike! We are also an authorized dealer of Pendleton blankets.

Fetish Carvings 

A fetish is an object which is believed to have magic powers. We carry a unique selection of Zuni fetishes, perfect for both first time collector and lifetime enthusiasts. The Native Americans of the Southwest have used fetishes throughout recorded history. Hand carved by the Zuni from many different types of stones, most fetishes relate to animals of prey, which are acknowledged as the most powerful providers of life. Each animal figure has its own unique power and attribute.

Crafts & More 

Silver Eagle has many other items including: pipes, quivers, arrows, bows, handmade dream catchers, baskets, medicine wheels, Native American music on CD’s, and Southwest accent pieces. Also at Silver Eagle are a wide variety of prints from artists such as R.C. Gorman, Carol Grigg, Nancy Glazier, J.D. Challenger, Donald Vann, Robert Duncan, and many more!

Sand Paintings 

Navajo sand painting is the art of pouring colored sand and other pigments onto a surface to make a fixed work of art. The Navajo people use sand painting as a healing tool. We have many of these unique creations to choose from.